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The Short-lived Catholic Central Bureau: National Catalyst for Cultural Apostolate in China (1947-1951)

A history of the Catholic Central Bureau, the coordinating body of missionary, cultural, educational activities of the Catholic Church in post-war China

HardCover: 335 pages

Language: English

ISBN: 978-957-29848-7-1

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The Short-lived Catholic Central Bureau:

National Catalyst for Cultural Apostolate in China (1947-1951)


by Bibiana Yee-ying WONG 黃懿縈

Hardcover: 335 pages      Language: English      ISBN: 978-957-29848-7-1


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This book may be called a groundbreaking work of research into the historical event of the Shanghai Catholic Central Bureau (CCB), which was an ecclesiastical executive organ set up by the Apostolic Internuncio after the establishment of Sino-Vatican diplomatic relations and the Catholic Hierarchy in post-war China. Besides coordinating missionary activities of nearly 140 dioceses administered by various religious congregations, it promoted a cultural apostolate with the use of modern communication media to guide people in the understanding of the Catholic faith and advise missionary work in the face of anti-religious propaganda by materialists. It also trained the laity through the Legion of Mary to sustain Catholic communities when the clergy was barred from its ministries. Eventually, the CCB could not establish its endeavor due to the Communist ban. Key members of the Bureau were arrested, expelled or died early in prison. Despite its vivid historical role of the CCB in Shanghai, this book also investigates its two “heirs” in Taipei and Singapore to organize the apostolate to the Chinese in diaspora.




Keywords: Chinese Catholicism, communism and Christianity, Legion of Mary, state-church relations, Three-Self Movement

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