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Writings that Weave Waves - East Formosans and the Pacific

Writings that Weave Waves - East Formosans and the Pacific

Documentary film (2012, DVD, 60 min)

Subtitles in English and Chinese

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East Formosa has been the departure point of the great migration that, six thousand years ago, shaped the present Austronesian world. And it is now home to the majority of Taiwan’s aboriginal population, some of them living in the plains and on the shore of Eastern Taiwan, and some in the mountains.

This documentary shows how aborigines in Taiwan, especially the younger generation, express and live their identity, while linking their narrative to the world of Oceania, which their ancestors contributed to develop, and where aboriginal people nowadays struggle to express their cultural, social, political and spiritual self-perception. The Oceanic continent both separates and gathers together the people who inhabit it.

For the Pacific Ocean is not only a physical entity but a “storied” space as well: its immensity and the experience of crossing it have inspired in-depth stories, myths, poems, music and epics; its borders and islands have witnessed the rise and fall of cultural and spiritual traditions breaking along its shore, wave after wave.

The filming of this documentary started in Vancouver Island, Canada where some of our protagonists met with First Nations during a cultural exchange where both groups performed their traditional dances and songs. Then we get a glimpse of the way aboriginal traditions are preserved and transmitted in villages on the eastern coast of Taiwan and we travel through the Melanesian and Polynesian world with scenes and stories filmed during the 11th Festival of Pacific Arts, held in Honiara, Solomon Islands in 2012. For all the protagonists filmed here, the exchanges taking place during these travels become an inner journey on the sea that dwells within them.

A 2012 production by the Taipei Ricci Institute and the Taiwan Society for Pacific Studies.

Directed by Cerise Phiv and Benoît Vermander.

Duration: 60 minutes

English and Chinese subtitles.


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