Chinese Christian Texts from the National Library of France (26 vol.), edited by N. Standaert, A. Dudink, N. Monnet

This collection of 26 volumes contains a selection of hitherto unpublished texts from the Chinois-section in the National Library of France. 2009, 15600 pages.


US$700.00 含税


The present publication reproduces some 190 texts, which have been arranged by subject. They reflect the characteristics of Chinese publications on Western science and religion in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries and at the same time testify to the richness of the Chinese collection at the National Library of France. These publications cover a wide range of subjects such as Renaissance science; Aristotelian philosophy; humanistic writings; geography and astronomy. There are also biographies of missionaries and converts; apologetic writings, and memorials and edicts. At least seven volumes give particular attention to the writings of Chinese converts. They include a unique collection of sermons for every day of the ecclesiastical year 1690-1691 (Kangxi 28/29). The National Library of France is also rich in theological writings and spiritual treatises, as well as liturgical books and prayer books; treatises on sacraments and rules for associations. It also has a good collection of books on figurism, to which an entire volume is devoted. 2009, 15600 pages.